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About Bat Haus Events

Founded in 2023 as an off-shoot from Sioux Falls Underground, Bat Haus Events is an all female and queer ran event promotion company based in Sioux Falls, SD, catering to the goth and alternative scene. 

Bat Haus Events holds a variety of goth geared parties, and have hosted a variety of  successful events both with and without live music performances. 

Our Team


Rain Crockett

In 2020, Rain Crockett began missing the lively goth scene she was familiar with in Chicago and decided she wanted to throw her own goth nights just so she could dress up and dance again. Sioux Falls, SD is certainly not known for their goth scene, so she created Sioux Falls Underground so that the bats of the Dakotas could have a place to flock and express themselves.  


Ashes von Burtz

In late 2022, Ashes von Burtz attended their first Sioux Falls Underground goth night and was immediately enamored, and could see nothing but potential in the scene. Rain allowed Ashes to hop on board and help assist in running goth nights and bringing in bands. All of 2023, Ashes ran head on with their duty as newly appointed admin and coordinator, helping Rain maintain the snowball of a scene that grew all year long.


What They're Saying

Bat Haus Events has hosted a number of wonderful events for alternative and goth people of all ages, races, sexual orientation, and so much more. As someone who is over 18 but not quite 21 yet, I find myself struggling to connect with others my age. Bat Haus has provided a safe space for me to make friends, learn about alternative culture, and simply be myself. I have made so many connections over the past few months that I would have never made without this group. Every event they host is so well thought out and put together from the music/live entertainment, to crafts and projects to keep you occupied, and more. I am always checking their webpages to find more events they are hosting. I haven’t found anything as welcoming and kind in Sioux Falls as Bat Haus Events. 

As for the event experience itself… I find myself tearing up the dance floor at their all ages live shows. I am always laughing till my lungs hurt with new friends i’ve made that night.

- Ada

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